Friday, August 9, 2013

Simply - Thank You!

It is so exciting when the circle is complete and people are being hired because  many of you had the faith in Ford Motor Company to purchase our vehicles.  Because of your dollars spent buying Fords - Ford Motor Company will hire an additional 800 salaried employees in 2013.  The new hiring represents a 36 percent increase over the original projection of 2,200 additional salaried jobs announced in January.  With only a 2.7 percent attrition rate, the majority of these jobs are new!

They have also initiated an all-new recruiting campaign.  To attract potential employees, Ford recently launched a large social media recruitment titled "The Distance Between You and an Amazing Career Has never Been Shorter."  The campaign encourages candidates to bring their talents to Ford and contribute to serving customers through ingenious solutions.  In addition to the all-new social media campaign, Ford also is increasing its presence on college campuses.  These salaried hires are matching the growth Ford has seen on the hourly side.  It is a great thing when American companies are in the job creation mode!!

Locally we can do the same thing, small businesses are the biggest creators of jobs in the US so don't forget to shop local (remember 1 million dollars in retail creates approximately 21 jobs).  Also, again thanks to Governor Kitzhaber for declaring July "Made in America" month in the State of Oregon to encourage builders to use American made products.  If every builder around the nation increased the number of American products used by as little as 5% it would create more than 220,000 jobs!  More jobs a better economy, a better economy more money for better schools.....well you get the picture.  It is a circle!  Again, thank you!

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