Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Beautiful Vespa.....

For the past 20 years members of the Gresham Barlow Education Foundation have worked tirelessly to provide funds (20 years=3.9 million) for a multitude of extra services, enhanced curriculum, and special equipment for the students of the district. In addition, during this time they have been working on building an endowment fund of $1 million dollars that would provide perpetual funding for scholarships and grants for the district.

Recently, in light of that goal, the President of the Foundation, Vince Patrick, on behalf of he and his wife Lindsay have pledged a matching grant of $20,000 to the Foundation to get that fund to a million dollars. As a local Mortgage Broker and graduate of Barlow High School he understands how important a quality education is to our community. So, how can we all help obtain this gracious offer to benefit our community’s kids?

Well you can “Win A Vespa” – a maximum of 500 tickets will be sold at $20 each from now until
December 18th Ford and purchase tickets from the cashier or contact any GBEF board member or go online at http://www.gbefkids.org/events-2014/, drawing to be held at 7:15pm. You can see the Beautiful Vespa displayed at Gresham.

Thank you to Bill Place of Milwaukie Vespa for partnering with us to make this happen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Day that Made A Difference

For all those that put their lives on the line and come home to, sometimes, less than favorable situations and circumstances, here was a day, for some, that may have been a bright spot.  Last Saturday, October 18th The Chapel in Troutdale served a total of 202 vets with an outpouring of volunteer services and opportunities that they may not otherwise have any access to. Haircuts, dental care, cookies from the VFW Women’s Auxiliary, rides from Ride Connection, food, clothing, and the list goes on. 375 meals were served by volunteers with food provided by Birch Community Services, Safeway, and Portland Stand Down with other various donations from Susan Roobish, Hillsboro Elks, Kirk Robinson, The Tuenes, American Legion, VFW 180, Daniel Elam and Gresham Ford. Every branch of the military was represented that day and family and friends as well.

How can we really give back to those that have sacrificed so much. In the hopes that this one day made a difference and that they felt we, as a community cared, for at least for one day was the true heart and soul of every person that has planned, worked, and given months in preparation for. On the grand scale and all things being as they are, it may seem to pale in comparison to all they have given, but in this small way, we all say “Thank You” to all those that have served, fought and given their very lives for us.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fill’er Up for SnowCap!

It’s that time again!!  The Annual SnowCap Community Charities Fill-A-Bag food drive is gearing up to hit it hard again this year!!  Last year, thanks to our amazing community members and local businesses, over 500,000 pounds of food were donated during the Fill-A-Bag campaign.  Spearheaded by Riverview Community Bank, Gresham Ford, Stamp Connection, Drake’s 7 Dees, Balance Health & Injury Clinic, The Outlook, Gresham Lions, Gresham Rotary and Greater Gresham Baptist Church, we are looking for a great program this season!! 
Here’s some dates to remember so far: November 6th, Fill-A-Bag Folding Party at Gresham Ford 5-9pm, November 7th Fill-A-Bag Kick Off Gresham Chamber AM at Gresham Ford 7am, November 12th Burgerville 10% to SnowCap night 5-8pm, November 14th Balance Health Challenge Game Night (location TBD) 5-8:30pm, December 4th Burgerville 10% to SnowCap night 5-8pm and December 9th Fill-A-Bag Dinner hosted by Riverview Community Bank.
Fill A Bag at Gresham Ford

Something new we’re doing this year is the Challenge Game Night hosted by Balance Health & Injury Clinic.  Local businesses will set up a booth and have a game pertaining to their business.  Points will be accumulated as participants complete each game.  There will be prizes to be won at each booth and at the end of the night, the person with the most points from all the games, will win the GRAND PRIZE!  So, whether you’re a business wishing to participate or someone just up for a challenge, it’s going to be great fun, with all proceeds for the event going to SnowCap!  For more information please call Caterina Robertson at 503-492-2625.

So, get these dates on your calendar and help us Fill Those Bags for SnowCap again this year!