Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Drive $ UR School & Eat 4 A Cure

Gresham Ford hosts another Drive 4 UR School
Ford and its Dealers are aiming to raise $1 million dollars for high schools.  Gresham Ford is excited to do its part for local high schools and the first chance to participate is September 21, 2013.  Please Put it on your calendar!  The idea is simple, high schools work with their local Ford and Lincoln dealers to schedule a test drive fundraiser event.  The dealers have a selection of the latest Ford has to offer in Cars and Trucks this includes hybrids, electrics and the new Energis.  The schools promote the event to their students, parents, staff and supporters and then they just show up and take a no pressure rest drive and Ford Motor Company donates $20 to the school up to $6000 per event.  It is a clear win-win.  Ford puts its vehicles in front of potential customers, and high schools raise money for special projects - in this case of our local schools the money has gone to support both boys and girls sports programs and choir and drama programs.  Over the past five years nationally, schools have raised over $10 million through this program.

However, here in Gresham the local Gresham High Boosters Club is taking this to new heights by not only participating in the Drive Event but combining it with an "Eat 4 the Cure" Event.  So you are going to be able to test drive and then have a great meal prepared by local vendors that will benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and there are more details to come-stay tuned!!! Like this on Facebook at

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Bite of East County

Give your senses a treat at "The Bite of East County".  The first sense to be affected is the nose, imagining smells from a mixture of fantastic food.  The next sense of taste comes to life when the mouth begins to water and you can just imagine the deliciousness of the fine cuisine.  The ears then begin to hear a far off echo of laughter from happy people and music ringing through the air.

The Bite of East County will not let your senses down.  The BOEC is offering all of these sensory experiences and more.

Vendors will include a variety of Mexican, Asian, American and European dishes, all vying for th"Best Bite of East County".  The beer and wine garden will offer selections of Northwest origin as well. The BOEC is being hosted 
by the Fairview Business Association and Zarephath Kitchen and Pantry will be the beneficiary of this event.  For the past 24 years, 
Zarephath has helped the homeless and low income by offering more than 42,000 meals per year to the hungry.  Prime Sponsorship
of the Bite of East County comes from Harry's Fresh Foods.  Featuring sponsors include First Community Credit Union and Teeny 
Foods.  Community sponsorship from Gresham Ford and promotional partnership with KINK FM.  The Inaugural Bite of East 
County is being held in the Fairview Park on August 10th 2013 from 11am to 7pm.  More information on the Bite of East County
can be found at PS.  Congratulations to Terri Lynn and Al Link and all their furry friends in "The Tails
of Abbygail" for making their debut into national distribution at Wal-Mart.  Please tell all your friends and family nationwide that they 
can now pickup this great kids program anywhere in the United States. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Simply - Thank You!

It is so exciting when the circle is complete and people are being hired because  many of you had the faith in Ford Motor Company to purchase our vehicles.  Because of your dollars spent buying Fords - Ford Motor Company will hire an additional 800 salaried employees in 2013.  The new hiring represents a 36 percent increase over the original projection of 2,200 additional salaried jobs announced in January.  With only a 2.7 percent attrition rate, the majority of these jobs are new!

They have also initiated an all-new recruiting campaign.  To attract potential employees, Ford recently launched a large social media recruitment titled "The Distance Between You and an Amazing Career Has never Been Shorter."  The campaign encourages candidates to bring their talents to Ford and contribute to serving customers through ingenious solutions.  In addition to the all-new social media campaign, Ford also is increasing its presence on college campuses.  These salaried hires are matching the growth Ford has seen on the hourly side.  It is a great thing when American companies are in the job creation mode!!

Locally we can do the same thing, small businesses are the biggest creators of jobs in the US so don't forget to shop local (remember 1 million dollars in retail creates approximately 21 jobs).  Also, again thanks to Governor Kitzhaber for declaring July "Made in America" month in the State of Oregon to encourage builders to use American made products.  If every builder around the nation increased the number of American products used by as little as 5% it would create more than 220,000 jobs!  More jobs a better economy, a better economy more money for better schools.....well you get the picture.  It is a circle!  Again, thank you!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

No need to be bored!

The Greater Gresham Area is bursting with events this summer and we are fortunate enough to be a sponsor of several of these events.  So please mark your calendar for Saturday July 20th for the following:

Summerfest Parade and Festival in downtown Troutdale!  This parade is so much fun as lots of folks line the streets and kids wait for the candy to be thrown from each parade participant!!  This year's theme is "Celebrating Local History" and the Grand Marshall of the Parade is the Troutdale Historical Society.  As an interesting side not of local history; Ford Motor Company filmed the first automobile to drive the first designated "Historical Highway" in the Columbia Gorge.  That was in 1916 and now nearly 100 years later, Fords still travel that same beautiful drive.  Henry Ford would love that fact!

That same Saturday the shoe poles will be up and it will be time to walk the streets of Historic Downtown Gresham for the 12th Annual Art Walk.  THe event is from 9am to 5pm with entertainment every hour.  Hundreds of well-known artists and craftsmen will be displaying their works and if you have never been, please take a couple of hours and stroll the streets.  You will not be disappointed.

While it is fun to travel, some of the best kept secrets are often in our own backyard.  These two events are really a great way to spend some quality time as a family and participate in our community!  Gresham Ford hopes to see you there.