Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fill-A-Bag and Help to End Hunger in East County

For the past several years, we’ve participated in the Fill-A-Bag Food drive for SnowCap Community
Charities.  And this year is no different!  Last week we kicked it off with the bag folding party so be looking for those bags in the Outlook newspaper as of the 17th.  Next, we have a few dates you might want to remember: November 1st-30th- Pay it Forward at Gresham Family Chiropractic, 575 NE 2nd St, Gresham, will donate $20 to SnowCap for every patient that comes in with a Fill-A-Bag filled with non-perishable items.
Fill A Bag 2015 Sponsored by Gresham Ford

November 28th-The Spirit of Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with many fun activities for the kids during the day, Historic Downtown Gresham.  There will be a parade from downtown to the Center for the Arts Plaza at 4:30pm with the tree lighting at 5pm. For more information please call, Event Coordinator Shannon Chisom at 503-750-3785.

December 3rd  & 17th-10% of Sales between 5-8pm at Burgerville, 2975 NE Hogan Dr, Gresham, going to SnowCap.  Bring your families out for a great dinner and 10% will go to helping our neighbors right here in Gresham.

December 9th-Annual Fill-A-Bag Auction & Dinner at Riverview Community Bank, 225 NE Burnside Rd, Gresham, 6pm.  Please contact Larry Schwartz for more information, (503) 912-5400.

December 11th-SnowCap Breakfast at Gresham Baptist Church, 3848 N.E. Division St., 7am.  Hosted by the Gresham Chamber of Commerce, the proceeds from this event will benefit SnowCap, My Father’s House and Human Solutions.  For more information please contact, Julie Hamatake at the Gresham Chamber of Commerce at or 503-665-1131.

January 7th-Casino Night at Balance Health & Injury Clinic, 1217 NE Burnside Rd #301, Gresham.  Details to follow.  For more information please contact, Caterina Robertson at 503-492-2625.

If anyone has any other events related to this food drive, please contact Bess Wills at Gresham Ford,, 503-665-0102.

You can also stop by many locations and drop off non-perishable food items or donate cash in the donation jars.  For a complete list please contact Kirsten Wageman at or 971-235-4504.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The holidays bring Fill-A-Bag benefiting Snow Cap and hungry East County Families

Fill A Bag Help to Stop Hunger Logo
The Holidays are right around the corner and it is the time of the year we reflect on Thanks and giving…and for both those reasons we are excited to again be a part of “Fill-A-Bag” or “Fill-An-Envelope”.  This effort benefits SnowCap our local Food Pantry for those needing a “hand”.   Local is the key word here….these are our friends and neighbors…working single moms that just need a little extra “food” resources to make it thru the month, a Senior Citizen whose winter utility bill makes it necessary for them to have to choose food or warmth.  

While cleaning out your pantry and giving extra staples and canned items to this food drive (bags will be inserted into the newspaper the week of November 17th) are always welcome.  However, if you are going shopping to “fill the bag” you might want to consider putting money in the attached envelop or going online to and make a donation.   The reason being is that SnowCap as a charter member of the Oregon Food Bank  and because of the corporate generosity (Ford Motor Company is one of them) to the Oregon Food Bank they are able to purchase a pound for food for $.05.  You cannot duplicate that at your local market so even a $1 given to SnowCap will provide a family in our community 20 pounds of food.

One hundred years ago we would have put a basket of food together and taken it to the widow the next farm over who was unable to gather crops the previous summer because “giving” is a way to show “thanks” for being blessed.  Today we do not always know who our neighbors in need are but SnowCap does and they get almost 100% of the resources given them into the hands of those that need a good neighbor!  Watch for the “Fill-A-Bag” or “Fill-An-Envelope” in this newspaper soon and when you do please share if you can!  
Drive 4 UR Community Logo

P.S.  If you are reading this before 4:00 p.m.  today please come down to Gresham Ford and take a “no pressure” test drive and $20 will be donated to SnowCap on your behalf!  That’s 400 pounds of food!

Did you know?

As times are changing, the automotive industry has to find innovative ways to keep up and if you think about the evolution of the automobile, it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come!  Can you imagine (especially as a women) riding in those first vehicles?  No windows, seats as hard as stone, no heat and while they did have springs of sorts, I would imagine you still got the wind knocked out of you if you hit a pothole too fast.

Well, we all know about gas vehicles, we know about hybrids and we know about electric powered
vehicles.  But did you know Ford has a vehicle that has the best of everything in the electric/battery/gas operated world?  Meet the Hybrid-Energi!  Full electric, fully gas and everything in between.  This special vehicle will hold a charge for approximately 20 miles of driving before kicking into the gas powered engine.  What that means is, if you only drive five miles to work everyday, you will never use a drop of gas!!!

So, you could drive to work, drive to the grocery store or maybe some other in town shopping and drive home!  Plug it into your cozy garage at night, and then drive right by all those gas stations smiling and waving!

So, to put this to the test, I have recently purchased a Ford Fusion Hybrid-Energi.  I filled it with gas, documented the miles and I plan to see how long it takes me before I need to get fuel again.  I will be doing updates so stay tuned here to find out how it’s going!

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe out there!