Friday, August 24, 2012

Your Generous Donation

Your generous donation helped make our dinner and auction a huge success. We had no idea when we started this journey that Terri would get her new heart on June 17th, just weeks before the auction. She was unable to attend the event, but has senn many pictures and felt the excitement of all who participated. she is doing well and getting stronger every day. Thanks to you and the kindness of so many, the medical expenses for Terri and her new heart are taken care of for the near future. Terri and her family, along with all of us on the committee, are extremely grateful for your help. Thank you so very much! Heart for Terri

Cannot Thank You Enough

Dear Bess - We cannot thank you enough for all your support. Not just for our event, but for our community as a whole. We need more individuals like you and company's as Gresham Ford. Please know your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you so very much. Child Care Development Services, Sincerly Carolyn

Thank You Gresham Ford

Thank you and Gresham Ford for donating the van for us to travel in during our recent training. Your generosity and support is greatly appreciated and thank you for all you do. 2012-2013 Oregon FFA State Officer Team

Gresham Art Walk

Dear Bess:
The Gresham Art Walk Board of Directors and Committee members express our thanks to you for your continued support of the Gresham Art Walk. This year 140 artistis participated and exhibited their works in the Art Walk. Attendees strolled down the streets, viewed and purchased art, listened and danced to misic groups, played a Baby Grand Piano in the misle of the street, did drawings using paint, ink, crayons and chalk on a giant roll of paper, dined in our restaurants and shopped in the many unique stores in our Historic Downtown. Thank you. Your generouse support is proof that using art as a vehicle brings us together and builds community unity. Sincerely, Judy

New Truck

When I finally seleced Ford for my new truck, Steve Renner led me through the maze of options and packages to find the unit I wanted. He was tireless in his search and dogged in securing it for me. Well done Steve!  Lonnie

A Hardy Thanks to You Bess

The Boys made it there and back, had the best time of their lives. A hardy thanks to you, Bess and the great folks at Gresham Ford. The Troop and (us on the Committee) will follow up with a few "Community Actions", some personal "thank you's" and some recogntion items to the Dealership. Sincerely can't say enough in terms of thanks to you and all the great folks that made this happen. Everyone involved from our end is singing Gresham Fords praise. Love you guys, Jerry

Friday, August 10, 2012

Adventure Driven BSA Troop 664 of Gresham Oregon

Jerry Jr and his "Adventure Driven BSA Troop 664 of Gresham Oregon", departed today for "Philmont, New Mexico" for an 11 day Back Packing Trek... these young men have great spirit, physical strength, equipped, trained and prepared. This is an "Adventure of a Life Time" ... A very special "Wonderful Support and Sense of Community" this adventure would not have happen but, for the support of Gresham Ford to our Community and local area it equates to and is consistent with the Scouting Spirit. "Buy American, Hire American" Jerry

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Picture Perfect Walk

I was so excited this week to receive our "Shoe Pole" at Gresham Ford.  Those quirky poles decorated with everything from stilettos to flip flops indicate that Gresham Art Walk is here!  The Art Walk has come a long way from Judy Han's (local business Sunny Hans Restaurant), brainchild of bringing artists an opportunity to display and sell their art at this event.  The first Art Walk in 2001 had 28 artists, this year we are expecting 140 artists.

Tomorrow, Saturday July 21st 2012 will be a picture perfect day in East County.  The weather will be gorgeous and downtown Gresham will be filled with booth after booth of art.  Just to say "beautiful" would be inadequate.  Go to for a sampling of some of the fabulous and diverse works of art.  Many of the artists have notable works and it is free to view.  A true gallery to stroll thru on Main Street in beautiful historic downtown Gresham.

This is a great opportunity to look for just the right gift for someone special or even give yourself a little gift.  Art is truly the gift that keeps on giving.  Can't quit until we give thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers that make this day happen.  Special mention to John Clark at Stamp Connection who is the presenting sponsor and to Greater Gresham Baptist Church who has had 100 volunteers sign-up just to make this community event run even more smoothly.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thank you, Bess

"Thanks to Bess Wills and the team at Gresham Ford for another great car buying experience." Gresham is a better place because of people like Bess and businesses like Gresham Ford that give back to the community. Jeff

East Side United FC

Thank you all for your help and support of the 2012 Cascadia Challenge. The truck was a huge asset and ran great! I would love to explore a larger partnership for the tournament next year! Thanks Again!! Matt

Corbett 4th of July Parade

Gresham Ford,

As always you come through with "flying colors!!" Providing the 2013 black Mustang and drivers, Ryan & Tammy for the parade in Corbett as simply "THE BEST!!!" I just love you guys. Michelle

TIP Cruise In and Cook Out 2012

Thank you for your support of our 2nd Annual TIP Crusie In and Cook Out! As you may know, Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver, Inc. is a non-profit and your donation helped make this event incredibly successful. Knowing that the community supports our fundraising efforts and the TIP Mission to just "be there" for citizens in crisis makes a tremendous difference and we look forward to continuing the relationship we have with you in the years to come! At our Cruise In and Cook Out, we hosted over 112 cars, ate a delicious BBQ, enjoyed live entertainment, and had fun at the cake walk and duck tank! Please mark your calendars for our 3rd Annual TIP Cruise In and Cook Out next June 15th, 2013. We sincerely appreciate your support of TIP! TIP Staff

A Young Life Thank You

Thank you to all the "Gresham Ford Guys" who so graciously put-up with all the chaos that the Young Life Plant Sale tends to bring! We truly appreciate all your help! We could not take this many kids (115 this summer) if it wasn't for the Plant Sale at your location, so thank you! Julie @ Portland East Young Life

Harvest Capital Company - Thank you

Dear Ms. Wills,
Thank you for the use of your FORD Van for our Oregon State FFA officer team training. It was very much appreciated. Sincerely Brian