Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Great People Who Care About Their Customers

Great people to work with.  I have used their Quicklane for LOF several times and they are great from your check in to keeping you appraised of how they are doing.  If you need something they thoroughly explain what it is and why.  I have observed how they treat other customers and it is always with respect and they make you feel like you are very important to them.  Any work that I need done I will have them do it.  Nice score card given to you when you complete the service that tells you what things you may want to consider in the future.

Observant Customer

Thank you and Thanks to Bruce!

I just wanted to take a minute to compliment one of your service technicians.  I had some minor service done on my truck yesterday and asked that someone look at a couple of areas that were of concern.  Bruce not only did just that, but was kind enough to come out and explain, not only what he had done, but offer some suggestions on how to prevent the same situation in the future.  I think that this is a nice touch to a vehicle service.  I'm always interested in what was done or found and the opportunity to actually talk to the person working on the vehicle really adds to the experience.
Thank you and thanks to Bruce!
I recently had my 2005 Ford Freestar transmission worked on at Gresham Ford's Service Department.  I was disappointed to find out that the replacement transmission that was put in at a California Dealer was the wrong transmission.  Gresham Ford did a fabulous job representing me with the California dealer in getting a replacement transmission.  The gentleman who helped me was very accommodating and did many things to make the week or so without a car tolerable.  I appreciate the service and positive attitude from the service department.  Great Job!  I live in inner SE Portland, but will drive the 30 minutes for service like yours!  Please thank Ryan for me!

Thank you to you and your awesome Sales Team!

Hi Bess,
I would like to send a personal "Thank You" to Mr. Van Austin for his awesome help with my recent purchase of a 2013 Ford Escape from your business.

I have found that often times when shopping for a large purchase being a single, senior, female is sometimes a challenge, but certainly NOT the case with Mr. Austin. Van was friendly, courteous and very professional while sharing his vast knowledge and answering ALL my questions.

Mr. Austin voluntarily came in on his day off to go through everything in the car with me and finalizing the entire process.  (Not an easy task with this Senior and my lack of tech knowledge!!)

I just want to say "Thank You" to you and your awesome sales Team!  I LOVE my new car and I am proud to refer Mr. Van Austin and Gresham Ford to any and all of my family and friends!

He even invited me to call or come back with any/all new questions that may come up in the near future.  For that I am grateful.

Thank you again for the awesome, positive car shopping experience, Van!

K. R. S.

Friday, June 21, 2013

It is a Proclamation!

Did you know?  Governor Kitzhaber has signed a proclamation proclaiming July 2013 to be MADE IN AMERICA MONTH in Oregon and encourages all Oregonians to join in this observance.

Some interesting facts:  If every builder in America increased their use of US made products by as little as 5% it would add more than 220,000 construction jobs and $14 billion dollars to the national economy.  It is a little like recycling just by making a few small change we can save our planet or in this case create lots of jobs.  There are really good social, economic and environmental reasons to buy American.  Locally, a group of builders, manufacturers and distributors have formed the BBAC - Building a Better America Council supporting and educating other about the importance of this concept.

Since the World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer "Made in America" series aired, builders nationwide have embraced this concept with some great results!  It is exciting that local builders are on the cutting edge of this concept.  Don't know if you have had a chance, but Gerald Rowlett of Westlake Development Group did, a "Made in America" prototype with "American Interiors" for the Portland Home and Garden Show - there are several segments with Holly Resnick on YouTube.  Watch for the "Made in Maerica" home this year at the Street of Dreams and please visit BuildingForAmerica.org for more information!!! Just like recycling, we can make a difference in our future by buying American!

Gresham Ford wants to be your Oregon Ford Dealership of choice - give us a try!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We All Can Drive for Someone!

There is no greater joy than the satisfaction of doing something that makes a difference in the world we live.  To do that something in memory of a loved one is even more special - just ask Tam Driscoll who lost her sister Nancy to blood cancer on June 22nd 2009.  Before and since that time Tam has made it her personal mission to help find a cure and more effective treatment for blood cancers.  Tam has done everything from bake sales to marathons to raise money for the cure... but, she hasn't done a "Food Truck Challenge and Test Drive Event" so with Ford Motor Company's help we are going to make that happen.

On Thursday, June 6th from 4-7pm you can do a test drive comparison.  (Click Here to See Pictures from the Event)  Ford vs. Toyota, Ford vs Subaru, etc and for your test drive you will:
1 - Be entered to win some really cool prizes
2 - Win a ticket for a "Free Taste" at the Food trucks.
3 - Be able to vote for your favorite Food Truck
4 - Music, Food, Fun and no pressure!!!
5 - And MOst Important earn $10 for Tam's Leukemia & Lymphoma Project.  The girl is going to find a cure!

We all have been touched by the heartache caused by cancer.  Just recently our Sales Manager, Jim Rodey lost his brother to cancer so like Jim and Tam we all have the name of someone special that we want to find the cure "in memory" of.  So please mark this date on your calendar and simply take a Drive for the Cure!!!  Bring the whole family  - why cook when you can drive and taste.