Thursday, January 2, 2020

Love Conquers All

There are many loves in my life, these are some but not limited to (just to be sure Bob knows he is on the list):
OK so how did all of this love come together to make Holiday Magic?   Well, my Kiwanis friend, Sandy who is like my granddaughter Jennifer, who will do anything to help kids with Cancer, called me to offer an opportunity to purchase some beautiful Christmas Ornaments (and seriously these are the most beautiful Christmas Ornaments).   Well, who can resist beautiful Christmas Ornaments whose proceeds go to fight for Kids with Cancer? So, I bought 8 thinking that I would gift them to all who bought a Mustang in December to honor all the work that Kiwanis has done over the years with its annual raffle of a Mustang to benefit Dorernbecher’s.  But bigger things were in store for these ornaments. 
Brenda Felix and the staff of our local Riverview Community Bank each year host a dinner at the bank from which all proceeds go to SnowCap.  My Staff (Amy and Michelle) help coordinate and decorate. Well Amy and Michelle, thinking outside of the box, decide to auction off the ornaments at this dinner where these beautiful, handmade, unique creations proceeded to garner over $1,500 from generous bidders who saw the blessing in both the ornament and their multiple missions.   Just FYI $1,500 provided 30,000 pounds of food for local families from SnowCap! Love is a powerful thing! Happy New Year!

P.S.  If you want to buy one of these Ornaments call Evelyn 971-275-0701!  

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