Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thank you for helping to end hunger in East County

Once again, the outpouring of generosity from this community has had overwhelming results!  The pounds of food collected during this year’s Fill-A-Bag Food Drive for SnowCap brought in approximately 555,520 pounds of food!  And with the help offered from the Oregon Food Bank, $.05 can buy a pound of food so all the cash donated was stretched well beyond normal costs!  So, a huge THANK YOU  to this amazing place that we live where neighbors care about neighbors and also, an organization like the Oregon Food Bank with the resources and willingness to help!
Fill-A-Bag Food Drive for SnowCap Community Charities supported by the Gresham Ford Staff

This year, with the donations pouring in from the Fill-A-Bag food drive, SnowCap Community Charities was able to feed 2,545 FAMILIES, that’s about 10,000 individuals during the month of December.  Any time of year is hard for families that are struggling just to survive, but the holidays are even harder when there’s too much month at the end of the money.  With your help, these families were able to enjoy gathering with their family and friends for this holiday season around the table for a good meal!

A little insight into the world that SnowCap reaches, these are working families and senior citizens that just need a little extra to keep going.  Only 10% are actually homeless and the goal is to give these folks a hand up so they don’t end up on the streets. A wonderful story from this past year, a family that struggled for 3 years, with assistance from SnowCap they were able to get back on track and they were the first to donate back to SnowCap with $2,000 that kicked off the December 2015 donations!

But don’t forget about our struggling neighbors throughout the year!  A nickel can buy a pound of food through SnowCap and the Oregon Food Bank so it’s something everyone can do.  Get your kids involved and show them that giving can really make a difference!!

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