Friday, November 6, 2015

Did you know?

As times are changing, the automotive industry has to find innovative ways to keep up and if you think about the evolution of the automobile, it’s pretty amazing how far we’ve come!  Can you imagine (especially as a women) riding in those first vehicles?  No windows, seats as hard as stone, no heat and while they did have springs of sorts, I would imagine you still got the wind knocked out of you if you hit a pothole too fast.

Well, we all know about gas vehicles, we know about hybrids and we know about electric powered
vehicles.  But did you know Ford has a vehicle that has the best of everything in the electric/battery/gas operated world?  Meet the Hybrid-Energi!  Full electric, fully gas and everything in between.  This special vehicle will hold a charge for approximately 20 miles of driving before kicking into the gas powered engine.  What that means is, if you only drive five miles to work everyday, you will never use a drop of gas!!!

So, you could drive to work, drive to the grocery store or maybe some other in town shopping and drive home!  Plug it into your cozy garage at night, and then drive right by all those gas stations smiling and waving!

So, to put this to the test, I have recently purchased a Ford Fusion Hybrid-Energi.  I filled it with gas, documented the miles and I plan to see how long it takes me before I need to get fuel again.  I will be doing updates so stay tuned here to find out how it’s going!

Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe out there!

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