Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Automotive News March 2nd Edition - Gresham Ford

Appeared in the March 2nd Edition of Automotive News - Gresham Ford
Bess Wills and her team at Gresham Ford believe that helping others in their community is just part of doing business.  With the many charity events they hold each year, Wills is most passionate about helping children.  "In our world today, the reality is that nearly half of the homeless community are children.  The Fill-A-Bag program was started to help these kids and struggling families by providing food or clothing throughout the year," Wills said.  "We're really proud of this initiative; it's become a tradition for everyone in the community."  Wills and her team not only are involved in raising funds and providing goods for nonprofits, but they also have dedicated approximately a third of their radio advertising time to promoting charities and helping them raise even more money - over a million dollars in the past seven years.  "I can't even tell you what great employees I have and the ways they truly care about their community.  We help others because it helps us feel that we're part of something bigger than ourselves." Find out more at  

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