Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In awe of our teenagers

Drive 4 UR School at Gresham Ford
As someone who is fast approaching the age of “Social Security”  -and it feels just like yesterday that I was living in the Age of Aquarius-now if you get that- you and I are in the same boat.   Anyhow, I feel  so blessed when I have opportunities to be working with or engaged with teenagers as it really does make the heart seem younger….This past week was my  “week of the teens”…Centennial Football and Sam Barlow Water Polo teams joined forces with us to accomplish a great “Drive 4 UR School” Event.  The teens participating were enthusiastic, engaging, polite and helpful.   These kids are a credit to their parents and their coaches.

Then on Monday, I was honored to take part in Reynolds High School’s assembly to honor those that
assisted them on that dark day – June 10, 2014, when a shooting at that school changed the lives of all that were on campus that day.  The students planned and executed a tribute to Police, Fire, and
Emergency Personnel as well as others who have contributed to the care and nurturing of all involved.

There were tears but most important there was a feeling of unity – they called it “Reynold’s Strong”.
They expressed themselves through thoughtful speeches, video and song and as I write this, tears still come to my eyes because of the magnitude of emotion displayed.   While we as adults are the ones who are supposed to nurture and support our young, this week I was inspired, humbled, and quite frankly in awe of the teens I encountered.  Bless you all – you are

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