Thursday, May 29, 2014

America the Beautiful

Gresham Ford is extending the Memorial Day Sellathon
As we pass Memorial Day I am so grateful for all of those that have served in our military that we might enjoy the freedoms we take for granted.  In many parts of the world I would not be able to write this column.  Just yesterday I read a headline about a woman, in a Middle Eastern country that was stoned to death without the right of trial or due process.   And, as a woman, there was a time in this country when we did not have the right to vote.  So, I just want to take a moment to publicly acknowledge how blessed and fortunate we (speaking on behalf of all of us here at Gresham Ford) are to live in this country, this community at this time.  To thank all of those that have gone before us and sacrificed so much so we can enjoy so many freedoms we so often take for granted. 
On that very patriotic note, I encourage you to visit   This organization BBAC (Building a BetterAmerica Council) simply promotes that by making a few simple changes in our purchasing habits – particularly in the area of construction, we can make a big difference in “livable” wage job creation.  Very interesting!

And, lastly a bit of shameless self-promotion – Ford MotorCompany’s Memorial Day Sale is still going on with some of the best combination offers (0% with big rebates and other financing and trade-in incentives) I have seen in a long time.   So, if you do not like your current car payment or the wheels are about to fall off your current ride, please give us the honor of serving you – I promise a no pressure presentation of product and payment!

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