Friday, June 21, 2013

It is a Proclamation!

Did you know?  Governor Kitzhaber has signed a proclamation proclaiming July 2013 to be MADE IN AMERICA MONTH in Oregon and encourages all Oregonians to join in this observance.

Some interesting facts:  If every builder in America increased their use of US made products by as little as 5% it would add more than 220,000 construction jobs and $14 billion dollars to the national economy.  It is a little like recycling just by making a few small change we can save our planet or in this case create lots of jobs.  There are really good social, economic and environmental reasons to buy American.  Locally, a group of builders, manufacturers and distributors have formed the BBAC - Building a Better America Council supporting and educating other about the importance of this concept.

Since the World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer "Made in America" series aired, builders nationwide have embraced this concept with some great results!  It is exciting that local builders are on the cutting edge of this concept.  Don't know if you have had a chance, but Gerald Rowlett of Westlake Development Group did, a "Made in America" prototype with "American Interiors" for the Portland Home and Garden Show - there are several segments with Holly Resnick on YouTube.  Watch for the "Made in Maerica" home this year at the Street of Dreams and please visit for more information!!! Just like recycling, we can make a difference in our future by buying American!

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