Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Snowman Foundation

Dear Ms. Wills,

Gifts like yours make me break into song; I caught myself humming "What a Wonderful World" by Lois Armstrong this morning.  As I sat to write this letter, I sang a few lines from Queen's "We Are the Champions".  And even though the only lyric I know from ABBA's "Thank you for the Music" is "Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing, thanks for all the joy I'm bringing", it seemed appropriate to share that sentiment with you as well.

On behalf of Michael Allen Harrison and the Snowman Foundation board, thank you very much for your gift.  Thank you for all the joy that you are bringing, thank you for all the songs children are singing and playing and creating because of your gift.

Each day, I encounter a different child who has been impacted by a gift from The Snowman Foundation and get to witness their talent, growth and giving.  One of our most longstanding scholarship recipients, has "played" her gift forward by offering no-cost lessons to young musicians, and encouraging kids to explore their own musical passions.

As The Snowman Foundation celebrates more than a decade of making a difference in Oregon and Washington's music community, we recognize that your support is what truly enables us to bring music into the lives of children.  And as I anticipate the next decade, I know that with your support, The Snowman Foundation will continue to help kids make beautiful music.

Very Truly Yours,

Foundation Manager

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