Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charming, Thank you!

Thank you to all the businesses and organizations that are making the "Be Charmed, Shop Local," program so much fun and a great success.  Last Saturday at Farmers' Market I was really impressed with some collectors that already had most of the 48 piece charm set.  I currently have 12 in my collection but have to replace one I gave away this morning, a cute small burger from "Best Burger".  However, my plan in giving that one away was that I would need to make the trip down to see John at Best Burger and buy a "Ranger Burger".  He is donating the proceeds to the USS Ranger project and pick up a replacement charm.  Another real cute charm is a little carrot that can be purchased at Twisted Carrot Restaurant on the corner of Kelly and 8th.  While you are there, have one of their Special Spinach Salads with the to die for dressing that is customer made.

Thank you to the Outlook for running the story Wednesday in the Business Section on the Charm bracelet program.  Yes we get lots of electronic communication, but there is nothing  like the newsprint in hand to generate some local enthusiasm.

Thank you to Jessica Reid who brought the charming idea to our "Try Local First" meeting.  It takes just one person to make a difference in our community because of her willingness to volunteer and share ideas she had seen help businesses in other cities, our community is better and economically stronger too!

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