Thursday, March 15, 2012

Letter from Jerry and Hanne

As a qualifying statement; let me begin with: I have over the past 50 years been a "FORD Guy".

Since 1987, (Returning to Gresham/Home) me and my family members extended, have purchased several automobiles, trucks and SUV's from Gresham Ford.  In the past 5 years or so; collectively we have noticed an extreme change in how Gresham Ford conducts business and has integrated into the Community in such a positive manner.

Community action, support and like contributions on your part demonstrate a sound commitment to the Community and is most appreciated.  Among the many other attributes, Gresham Ford enjoys a sound reputation for sales and service.  I'm not sure that standard applies to many "Car Dealerships" both locally and in you're doing at Gresham Ford, your doing it right.

Putting sales aside (Which has always been a painless experience for us): having maintenance services done by Gresham Ford is the timeliest and most professional adventure in Vehicle Maintenance Services I've ever experienced at a "Dealership"!  The "Staff", starting with Ryan and ending with Cher is by far the most congenial and positive fraction anyone entering the Maintenance area could ask for.  Never have I had an issue that didn't gain their full attention, always ending with a just resolve.

Recently, (during a routine maintenance check), I was advised that my truck was in need of tires.  I was given printouts with several price and tire options...  Knowing a "dealership " is the last place to buy tires; I spoke to Cher about prices, etc. she mentioned that "Gresham Ford would match the price if I found like tires cheaper or equal elsewhere."

I did my homework and went shopping ...of all the Brand Name Tire Stores in the surrounding area, I could not match the price offered by Gresham Ford...ion fact, for the same tires, Gresham Ford was several hundred dollars cheaper an hosted the same level of warranty.  Clearly impressed, I purchased the tires at Gresham Ford.  Ryan had the tires mounted, tweaked and I was outta there in little over an hour; satisfied with the product and the outstanding service.

If the plan is to become a "Full Service Dealership"... your well on the way.  I appreciate good service and enjoy dealing with the great folks and personalities at Gresham Ford, it more "Communal than Business" first,  I'm just not sure you can mass that many good folks in one company anywhere else, from sales to service you have much to be proud of.


Jerry and Hanne
Gresham, Oregon

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