Monday, October 15, 2012

Ford Customer Viewpoint

Dear Sirs,

I received the standard Ford Customer after Sales Survey for response concerning my recent purchase of a 2013 For Explorer.

I completed this survey as besst possible, but feel the survey alone does not outline the experience I had in terms of dealing with Gresham Ford. Each sub category listed requires a much more detailed response in my opinion. As the Survey simply does not allow or provide for comments and "Checking a blcok" just seems impersonal when dealing with real people like those of Gresham Ford.

I'm a "Life Long Ford Guy"... over the past 50 years I've bought, traded, owned and sold a multitude of Ford Motor Vehicles. My family members and off spring are also dedicated Ford Folks. As a retired Military Family, we'be literally purchased Ford's around the globe and all over the United States.

Sub Categories: "How Satisfied am I; your Ariveal; my Salesperson' Paying for the Vehicle; Delivery' Sync' Dealer follow up; Recommendation; My Vehicle and finally... About myself".

My "X's"are all in the positive column. I simply am a satisfied customer and Ford Owner. First, from my perspective, the Product sells itself... but the capper is having a Local Dealership like "Gresham Ford" to deal with. Gresham Ford represents the Ford Motor Company, the Product, the Sale and Services Ford Motor Company offers in the best possible light, manner and total professionalism. Gresham Ford is a bit more than a Car dealership. They are an integral part of our community at every level; supporting families, jobs, schools, civic activities, sporting events, scouting and social programs. The staff; from ouwner to lot boys stand prepared to meet and accommodate customer services way beyond the nowm. As for The "Salesperson" ... Mr. Larry Bishop, over the years has sold many vehicles to me and family members... he is not a Car Salesman, but a Ford Representative, who is knowledgeable about every aspect of the Dealership, Products, Services and without question routinely goes way above the norm exceeding all epectations in providing for the sale. Larry is the "Go To Guy" in this Shop and does it all. As stated, over the many years, he has simply become a good Friend. The Service Staff... Russ, Cher, Ryan, John and all the many folks involved in facilitating sales, maintenance, services and products just cannot be found elsewhere. Gresham Ford has a "Team Concept" that works... clearly Bess Wills has surrounded herself with a personable, professional and dedicated staff. "Everyoneinawhile" a good thing comes together... that I think is a great summary of Gresham Ford.

Taking deliver: The last two vehicles I've bought a Gresham Ford were found in another State, picked up by Gresham Staff, driven to Gresham and delivered to me personally. (Service). Telephone calls and status updates of these vehicles were provided during the entire trip. This last vehcile posed a question of "Tow Capabilities", the Sales Staff "Brought a similar vehicle to my home, hooked up my Travel Trailer and we did a Test Ride" with Trailer in tow to ensure its workability... (Service). Teaching an old dog new trickes... yup, they gave a formal Class on "How to " work all the new Computerized Wizardry in my new Ford.

My Vehicle: Love it. Meets and exceeds all that we wanted when shopping for a new Ford.

About me: Retired Command Sergeant Major, US Army. Do I have "Large Expectations, with No BS in the Mix": Yes Sir! My expectations in my dealings with this Dealership over the past 20 years have always been met within the standard of pervious owners. Without reservation, the current management has held this Dealership to a new and high standard of excellence. Without question, Gresham Ford and its current "Team" meet and exceed all my expectations. I think their bottom line is "Service" and everyone on staff is "On Board" with that concept. Services are provided without demand, but rather simply a part of the package. It is a genuine pleasure to deal with the staff of "Gresham Ford", to the person, they are simply the best.

Ford Motor Company would be better served looking at this Dealership as a Model for a "Cookie Cutter Ford Dealerships" around the country.


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